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how to live in your dream house

Everybody has their own idea of what their ideal home is, but few people actually get to live out that dream. Most houses are simply far too expensive for the average person. But, what if we told you that you can live in your dream house for free? Whether you dream of living in a mansion on the beach in Australia or a luxurious apartment downtown in NYC, you can do it without paying for it.  It can be complication process to get started, research first and see how to become a house sitter to for additional tips.


Find out to Become a House Sitter

There are lots of great sites to find beautiful house sitting assignments such as Trusted Housesitters & Mind My Home. However there one in particular which is fantastic, Housesit Search. This site aggregates all the house sits and display them in one easy location, which can save you searching all the different sites.


Many of the sites will require you to pay a yearly subscription. The initial cost is usually offset in your first sit. An average yearly cost starts from $20 and goes up to $100. One night accommodation in some of these places would be worth much more. If you manage to land a house sit for a few month you will be saving more money than you can imagine.


How to Get into Your Dream House

The first thing you need to do is read their advertisement very carefully. If you’re severely allergic to cats and they expect you to take care of their 3 long-haired, overly-affectionate cats, this could soon turn into a nightmare. Although in most cases, house sitting involves just the basics of caring for the house, you will sometimes be expected to do more than that, which might make you think twice about being able to house sit there.


Once you’ve read over everything, it’s time to contact the homeowner and let them know that you’re available, willing, and able to take care of their home for them exactly the way they expect. Send them a message to introduce yourself and provide any previous experience you have that would help demonstrate that you’re able to meet their needs.


If you get a positive response, you’re halfway there! Continue to answer any questions that the homeowner has, and feel free to ask any questions that you may have to make sure that you both clearly understand each other and the expectations before moving forward. Once everything is confirmed, you can start packing your bags!


How To Save Lots of Money

While you are house sitting your outgoing costs are very low. You don’t have to think about rent, power bills, water bills or even for your rubbish collection costs. All homeowners leave their homes fully stocked with detergent, toilet paper & cleaning supplies.


Most families will encourage you to use anything in the kitchen. You notice how much these little things used to add up for you, when you see your savings for the month. You will also find some owners will even give you access to a car, this can also eliminate your need for you to need your own.


How to Keep Your Dream House

Of course, there’s no way to (legally) kick out the current owner to take over, but there are plenty of things that you can do to ensure that you’re the first person they call whenever they need someone to look after their home when they’re away. Some people that have two homes will leave for several months at a time, leaving you to have a part-time dream home to enjoy.


The main reason why house sitters are in such demand is due to animals. Owners usually have to pay a hefty amount of money just to leave their beloved fur babies or at a  kennel. Nobody wants to take their pet out of it comfortable and familiar surroundings. So being able to walk a dog once or twice times a day and ensure it receives all it meals, may very well help you stay at a dream beach house in Fiji.


The first way to a pet owner’s heart is through their furry family members. If you’re house sitting for someone’s pets, you need to shower them with love and affection and send lots of photos. More than likely this pet is a huge part of family and nothing makes them feel more comfortable than your pictures of a happy pooch. When the owner comes home and sees how relaxed and happy their fur babies are they’ll be much more likely to trust you with them in the future.


Whether or not there are animals involved, make sure that when the owner returns, their home is spotless. This lets them know that you care about their home and that you’re willing to exceed their expectations, so they will want to have you back again.




If you’re lucky and put in the work it takes, you can easily find several owners that have your dream home that will need you to stay for several months of the year. By putting the steps above into action, you can easily live in several amazing homes and location without paying a cent.



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