Make Christmas Day Fun

Make Christmas fun

Do not get BORED this Christmas. It is one of the most beautiful holidays ever and the last thing you want to do is be bored so here are 8 ideas to create a fulfilled family day. I hope this motivates you to experience a climactic Christmas day with your family!


Get creative and Coordinated

It’s a beautiful tradition and if your family is not in on it yet, it might not be a bad idea to start. So, go to bed the night before in your “Christmas themed” PJs. Or wake up in the morning and before you start unboxing and unwrapping, get everyone to dress up in the themed outfit. Matching Pajamas NEVER go out of style.


Take family pictures and create memories

Take pictures, create memories and save the magic. Have your camera ready to capture moments of your kids or other family members opening their gifts, capture their joy, excitement. You and your loved ones can take turns taking pictures of one another while opening the gifts as well. Capture the look on his/her face with the surprise of (oh.. I love this). And lastly, take a family picture together!!!


Make breakfast together

What an effortless way to bond over Christmas. I believe this bonding experience will spark interest with every member of the family (I hope). If your significant other or family members do not want to cook, you can have them manage the music.


Share your time

This is a great season to give back. Visit the elderly homes, shelters, children's hospitals and just perform an act of kindness. Many community centers might host meals for those in need. Spread the love and share your time. This is what the season is all about.


Go Caroling

For my family, our church is open in the morning, so after unboxing and having breakfast, we will be adorning ourselves with our Christmas attire and joining the others at church to sing carols. However, if that’s not an option for your family, why not have an in-house carol session. If you have family members around, then do some "Carol Karaoke”- it’s that even a term (hehehe, not bad.. I just coined that). Have fun and do sing-along competitions. This should be a ton of fun.


Light up the night - get outside

Staying indoors might work for others but with the children, they get bored and its best to switch up their activities. If you are not outside yet by now, then make plans to go do some outdoor activities. Such as visiting your downtown and enjoying the beautiful holiday light scenery. It’s always a win.


Movies save the night

How best to end the day than to watch the old classic family movies…… Get a movie the whole family will love and I am sure the kids will fall asleep soon from being tired from all the busy events.


One on one time with your significant other

After tucking the kids into bed, please spend time with one another. Sit down in front of your Christmas tree and stare into the lights, talk, and laugh. This time together is very special.


Luli Fashina is a Pharmacologist and college professor by profession but also a mom to three lovely children. She runs the Classical Wife - a platform that encourages women on how to effectively parent and build lasting marriages on the foundation of God.
What She's most passionate about: God, effective parenting, relationships, and not "keeping up with the Jones".
Her Clever Girl Super Power: Super Instilling Confidence. She is naturally drawn to correcting erroneous situations such as low self-esteem and instilling values to help build stable relationships. Keep up with her via @ClassicalWife on Instagram.