How To Refresh Your Life & Business in the New Year


There are usually two times a year I need a refresh - during my birthday and around the new year. A refresh is usually a break I take from running my business that can:

  1. jumpstart new ideas

  2. stop burnout

  3. set goals to stimulate growth

I typically start a business refresh by taking a week or two off. Here’s how you can gracefully do so too, in ways that benefit both you and your community.


Be Honest With Yourself

This is the most important step. We are usually moving so fast and never give ourselves time to think. Take a day, a few hours, or even just 20 minutes to check in with yourself and reaffirm what’s important. I recommend journaling to kickstart this process. You can start by answering this prompt “What do I need LESS of in my life right now?”.


Dig deep and be honest. Instead of more, more, more, a lot of times what you need to do is simplify. It’s important to recognize what’s taking up a lot of your time and energy. And when you do, it will help reveal the most important areas in your life and business. But if you don’t, it will continue to take away from them.


Plan Time to Refresh & Revamp

Now that you know what’s important to you, take another 20 minutes to plan out how to incorporate it into your life. A lot of times we don’t make room for what matters most to us, and your refresh should be about finding ways to include it in your current lifestyle.


So set a timer for 20 minutes to journal and pick ONE GOAL to focus on. This goal should bring you a step or two closer to eliminating what you need less of in your life. Next, plot out how long it will take you to reach this goal. The goal should be small enough that you can achieve it 2 weeks. Be realistic, don’t overwhelm yourself and make sure it can work with your current schedule, minus your usual business activities.


Maybe your goal is taking a complete social media cleanse because you need LESS time glued to your phone. So you set rules to abide by. Or, maybe it’s including one daily self-care habit (like reading, doing a face mask, journaling, walking, meditation etc.) into your everyday. Because you need LESS daily stress and more “me time”.


Be Honest With Your Community

Now that you’ve set a plan, it’s time to tell your community that you’re taking a small break. Hopefully, you already have an email list, but even if you don’t make sure you inform your blog audience, social media followers, or clients that you’re taking a mini-business break. Also be sure you tell them the day you’ll be back. This way you don’t feel guilty for being away and everyone is on the same page.


Give Yourself Something to Look Forward To

Sometimes we need a little extra motivation. Since you’ve set out to achieve a goal, give yourself an incentive for staying true it. It could be rewarding yourself with a small purchase that you’ve wanted for a while. Or, maybe it’s a small business investment that you’ve been dying to make. Reward yourself once your business break is completed. This will also encourage you to stay on track and not stray.


Give Your Community Something to Look Forward To

Since you’ve given yourself something to look forward to, give your community something to look forward as well when you come back! It could be a one-day flash sale, a giveaway, or even a new blog post of something they’ve been burning to know from you. You could hint that you’ll later have something special for them when you first go on break. This way they have something to be excited about too.



I hope these tips help you refresh your life and business in a ways that benefit you and your community. In the end, giving your life what it needs most will help you come back to your business recharged and ready to take action again.

Yuri Gibson

Yuri Gibson is a designer turned Brand Clarity Coach that creates Branding + Business Resources for side hustlers & those that like to “stay scrappy”.
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