The Miracle Of Thankfulness

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“What’s happened this year for you?”  This was a question that popped up this week during our many chats around the table over glasses of Bordeaux.


“Nothing! It’s like time just flew by! I just worked and nothing happened – nothing major, it just flew by, I did nothing.”  Said Gina in a very downcast, matter of face tone.  


Is that even true? How is that possible? That nothing’s happened this year, nothing that you can look back at and smile at or say thank you for?  


Remember your daily miracles

Often times, people are looking for the grandiose, unmissable event that’s happened in order to be thankful. What about the daily miracles?




How about the fact that we are so supported, we barely even recognize it.  Every moment you take a breath, your organs are working together for you, supporting you to be a part of what we call life.


How about your body – yes, many are under this immense pressure to change their bodies because it’s not thin enough, not curvy enough, not straight enough, too round, too long, whatever – Stop! And Thank your body for carrying you from point to point; thank it for serving you.  Am I saying not to go through with your body goals? No, what I’m saying is in spite of your body goals, thank what you have now.  


Thankfulness shifts your focus....for the better

I recall growing up and my mother would drum in our heads the benefit of being thankful – She’d say this proverb in the Yoruba Language – “A Child who says thank you today will have more to be thankful for tomorrow.”


As an adult, I have found this true – being thankful appropriates everything you have.  When you look for something to be thankful for, you automatically shift your focus and being into a more positive and uplifting space. That space releases angst, frustration, and anxiety because they cannot live there.  No one is exempt from the upheavals of life, yet when we go through them, we come out with a lesson – for those we must be thankful.


And when you are thankful, you are building your faith muscle, you are building yourself up for more breakthroughs.  The universe and your being begin to align with that for which you are thankful.


Being thankful is beneficial

There are proven benefits to being thankful and expressing gratitude including being happier and healthier; getting closure to unpleasant events, having a positive view of life and yourself, feeling more connected with others and self, shifting your energy to a more serving energy and building your mental resilience.




So, I challenge you to go through the year, go by month if you must – take an inventory of what’s happened in each month and come up with at least one thing to be thankful for in each month (stretch goal – 3 things).  Leave judgement out of it – If getting to go to the beach this summer was a highlight and you felt grateful for the opportunity – write it down.  You’d be amazed at what you can come up with.

Bisi McGregor

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