What No One Tells You About Having Twins

Image Source: Pinterest

Image Source: Pinterest

As a mother to almost 4 year old twins (whom I love beyond measure), I can tell you firsthand that there are a lot of things no one prepares you for when it comes to having two babies (or more) and they are things that you probably would not think of.


"Being a mama to multiples is extra hard work,
but in my experience, it's beyond worth it."

Here are a few things I've learnt as a twin mama, that no one prepared me for!


1. Your twins become celebrities, you don't

Once my babies arrived, (from the very second they were born) it was all about them. From the nurses and doctors to strangers on the street to my own family, everyone was enthralled with them. The great thing about celebrity babies though, is that you get a ton of gifts and twice as many and I'm all about that.


2. People will ask you inappropriate questions

Which one is your favorite?
Are they from IVF?
Do you wish you didn't have twins?

The above are just a few examples and I've been asked all of them. Like for real for real. People just don't care.


3. People will also make inappropriate comments

I distinctly remember being wheeled out to the hospital entrance with my newborn twins in tow and over hearing people in the hospital making random comments like "oh wow, you can kiss sleep goodbye", "Double trouble, good luck with that", "You definitely have your hands full forever" etc. Like really....that helps. Despite the randomness, there were some real well wishers amongst them and I was pleased to give the nay-sayers daggers eyes (lol).


4. You will get a lot of other general questions

Are they identical?
Are the best friends?
Do twins run in your family?
Were you surprised when you found out?
Will you have more?
Do they do / like the same things?

The good news about questions like this, is that they usually come from a good place. People are just curious - I know I was before I had my own set of twins.


5. You will not be able to go out alone and people will not understand

I've found myself cancelling plans to go the grocery store many times when my husband is not around just because I've been scarred by a past experience chasing my screaming toddlers around a packed store. Did I also mention that small children at the grocery store can completely derail your food budget?

Oh and people will invite you to lunches and dinners at fancy restaurants and will not understand why you cannot bring your 13 month old twins by yourself, to hang out, at a restaurant full of glass objects.


6. Your twins will gang up on you

I guess it's the twin gene? But as babies, they will cry because their sibling is crying (Lord, that double crying...) and as they get older, they will get smart and gang up on you when you discipline or scold one of them. Mama bears beware.


7. When your twins are fun, they are super fun!

My heart is on the verge of bursting all the time. Despite the hard early days, sleepless nights, falling into routines, routines going to hell, double teething, double fevers, double everything, when my twins are fun, they are SO MUCH fun and I wouldn't have it any other way.



Being a mama to multiples is extra hard work, but in my experience, it's beyond worth it and despite what folks do or don't tell you, you'll make it work and your babies faces will make your heart melt.

Kudos to my fellow mamas of multiples!

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