6 Ways To Manage Your Life Like A Boss

manage your life like a boss

Have you ever looked at the Instagram account of someone who is always traveling and thought to yourself, “Who has time for that?” If so, continue with this four-minute read.


Time has always been the new black. I’m talking Auntie Maxine “reclaiming-my-time” vibes. To help offer a few quick and easy tips, I've compiled my favorite ways to help manage your life and schedule.


1. Don't download task-management apps

Before you close out your browser - hear me out. You can download apps, just make sure they are effective for you. Trello seems to be a super solid platform that I’m using these days. Do some research and find an app that simplifies your life. Do not get one that simply adds another alert on your phone.


2. Assign a planning day, and guard it

Planning days are a must. Pick a day during the weekend to plan out what your week will look like, and take time to write everything down. Giving yourself a snapshot of your week will allow you to prepare and not feel extra pressure when items are due.


3. Give everything a time limit

The only way to get things done is to give tasks a set start time and end time. If you have to manage your finances, clean the house, have a coffee meeting and go on a date all within the same day, assign time limits for each task based on the time you have available. When the time is up, move on.  


4. Lock in your sleep schedule

manage your life like a boss

Sleep is essential. You've got to make time for it. I recommend getting up at 5 or 6 a.m. daily and going to sleep by 11:30 p.m. If you have to work a day job to fund your side hustle or business, count the number of hours before and after work that you have to fairly determine the time you have to work during a single day.



5. Schedule ghost gaps

To give yourself a breather, time to check your Facebook, or to pray, eat, and stretch (these are my essentials) during the day, schedule ghost gaps! A ghost gap is a meeting with no one besides yourself.  These are also buffer times in between meetings that will allow you to not be late because calls and meetings will not overlap.


6. Set the standard

Please don't be late. Better yet, arrive early to meetings and calls, if possible. When you do, it alleviates rushing, and potential frustration. It also gives you the opportunity to mentally prepare for whatever is next.


Bonus: Share your schedule with people and charge your phone

manage your life like a boss

If you have a meeting with someone, let them know that you have a meeting directly after if your schedule is tight. This way they feel a little healthy pressure to be prompt because you have a hard cut-off time. Sometimes people will not respect your time, but remember that you always have to.



And please, please charge your phone. I’m still working on this one!


Here’s to healthy productivity and winning in life.

Chauniqua Major

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