How To Have An Incredible Start To Your Week

how to beat the monday blues


Everyone finds it difficult to wake up and get ready for work, class, or anything we have to exert energy for on a Monday morning.


The weekend has ended, and we are all dreading the idea of facing our responsibilities once again, after a nice two-day break. The best thing one can do to beat the Monday blues is to prepare and plan your day beforehand to make it as enjoyable as possible. Here are a few tips that you can follow to ease getting back into the swing of things whenever a Monday rolls around.



On Mondays, people scramble to get everything sorted which usually leads to them misplacing things that they need for their work or school day. I know I have spent my fair share of mornings searching my entire house for my car keys or my wallet which has nearly made me late for my classes.


A good way to prevent this from happening is to organize yourself on Sunday to make your life easier when a new week begins! Make sure your bag is packed, your lunch is made, and your morning coffee is ready to brew for Monday morning. Simply organizing yourself for the following day is a great way to make your life less hectic when Monday morning begins.


Pick out your outfit on Sunday night

Picking an outfit for a work or school day can eat up a lot of your time on a slow Monday morning. Rather than wasting time staring at your closet, searching for the perfect outfit, plan it out on Sunday night. I always pick my outfits out the night before which helps me save time when I’m in a rush to get out of the house as quick as possible.


Get a good night's rest

Nothing is more important than getting rest. We all need around seven to nine hours of sleep a night to be well rested for the next day. Without proper sleep, people are prone to be cranky and can’t focus on their work. In order to prevent the sluggish feeling that people tend to feel on Monday mornings, make sure to get enough sleep so you can face the new week with a positive attitude.


Eat a hardy breakfast

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” isn’t a saying that should be taken lightly. In order to keep your body healthy, you should have a hardy breakfast each morning for an extra boost of energy. Whether it’s a stack of pancakes or a bowl of oatmeal, everyone should have some form of breakfast in order to fill their stomachs up for the morning rush to work / school.


Treat Yourself

Mondays can be slow and draining. In order to the make the day a little bit more enjoyable, make sure to treat yourself! Whether it’s getting a nice cup of coffee at a cafe, watching an episode of your favorite show, or going on a run, make sure to set out time for yourself during the day to relax because we all need moments to ourselves.


While these sound like simple tips, a lot of people tend to ignore them! Remember to organize yourself before the start of a new week, get a good night’s rest, eat a hardy breakfast, and set out time for yourself. No one should ever dread Mondays. We should all try our best to make them as enjoyable as possible, and I hope these tips help in that endeavor!

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