What Moms Are Thinking But Won't Say Out Loud

things moms never say out loud


8:57 PM, Tuesday night


She has finally fallen asleep after me saying “Amaziah, go to bed” about seventy-six times.


As I lie down, next to her, I remember oh shoot, I need to write this blog post! In fact, I am inspired to write this post. Being a mommy is such a Herculean task that its critical that I let other mommies know, we all do not have our ducks in a row. 


My day today started at about 3 am- yup, those 3 am alarms are still on my phone even though school is out and I can get up later. I got up anyway and did some meditation and work on my business, then fell asleep around 5 am.


After which, I got up at 6:30 am, to hear “ I want breakfast”.


Me: “That’s not how we ask for breakfast Amaziah”


Amaziah : “I want breakfast please mommy”.


Its all a whirlwind after that, we get out the house and then Grandma calls, like who taught Grandma about FaceTime? Oh wait....that was me.


Sigh, she speaks to her beloved grand daughter and we are off to our days. Whew….


Now, let’s go wayyyyyyyy back to me being pregnant and wanting an active baby, who would keep me busy. What was I thinking?? Do not give me wrong, I love my daughter to the moon and back. But I just wish I could stop for a breather every once in a while.  You know? She should have a little off button, where I can just take her off for a few hours or a few days.


Now before all of the picture perfect mommies come to get me, wait! There’s more.


I am tired! I need to do much more self care, and I need for Ms. Amaziah to just go to bed without resistance. That’s my one wish! To have no resistance!


In this blog post, I am going to share the three things that every mommy thinks but never says out loud, especially in front of Mrs. Doubtfire mommy.


The first thought is I want to run away!

We have all thought about it, running away, packing our bags and just disappearing into thin air.  You know when you are tired negotiating about getting into their baths, or eating their carrots.


When you have watched enough PJ Masks that you just want the Catboy to race right out of the room. It is just way too much! Every mom wants a break once in a while.


I want you to know, that this is quite normal and I know for a fact every mom has thought about it since the beginning of time. When things get like this for me, I take a deep breath in and then I focus on the one task at hand. Get it done and cut myself some slack. It will be ok!


The second thought is I am doing this wrong?

Why don’t they listen? Maybe I am just a bad mom, because they listen to everyone else! 


You know Amaziah, right?


Everyone does, well in my neck of the woods that is, she is OPENLY defiant, as stubborn as they come. I really have to use my background in Psychology to get her to just get out of her bed. It's so much work, that I start to go to Google University and search the following topics: 


“How to get your four year old to listen”

“How to get your stubborn child to listen”

“How to not kill your child, because they don’t listen”


Then all the advice comes in and I start to feel guilty, like oh my God, I am doing everything wrong, I am a horrible parent, this is not good. 


After some hours of hollowing in my guilt, I snap out of, this is Google University for Pete’s sake, you went to a real University, stop it! You are doing great!


In motherhood, you definitely have to be your own cheerleader, you have to decide what is best for your children and not depend on every single piece of advice that you see wandering around on these internet streets, to make decisions. Your intuition, that’s it! That’s all you need!


The third thing is how much we admire and appreciate our real moms now.

We all think this but never say it out loud, or at least enough. I tell my mom all the time, I am sorry for all the times, I did not eat my dinner or I made a mess. I am soo sorry for being the child that complained about the sun, the moon and the stars. My mom did motherhood like a champion and is still doing it, she loves her grand daughter to pieces. But man I really do not know how they did it. There was no Google University then, like HOW?


I want to dedicate this piece to my mama, who has several fans, especially one little girl called Amaziah Dionne. We appreciate you mommy!


To my mamas, for now the pay sucks, you do not get holidays and every other Sunday off, your car seats are filled with Fruit Loops and juice. But boy, oh boy when we get these rewards, they are definitely worth it!


Until then, stay strong mommies!

Ameniki Omotola

Ameniki Omotola is an Island Girl from Trinidad and Tobago where she works full time as a Guidance Counselor and is also the Chief Everything Officer at Trinidad Mogulista, a website that she created for the Creative Entrepreneur to become a master of social media for their business.
What she's most passionate about: the education of young girls and leaving a legacy for her daughter.
Her Clever Girl Super Power: is writing blog posts in ten minutes
Keep up with her at www.trinidadmogulista.com