Personal Development 101: Embrace Reading And Improve Your Life

how to embrace reading

Let's start off by saying, reading isn't for everyone but its importance is something everyone should be aware of. I have always loved reading. As a younger child, I read because it was a source of escape from school work, house chores, naughty siblings and all. It was my special place. Now, I read because I have come to understand that there's so much to learn from books; well, even now I sometimes read to escape from the noise of this world. 

Being a lover of books, it's quite surprising when I meet people who tell me they do not like reading at all. Instead you should read with the intention of expanding your mind and not look at it as a chore. 

I love love love the internet,  because of how much knowledge is packed in there. Sometimes when I don't feel like reading a book, I just go to the internet, check out a couple of my favorite website and blogs, laugh, smile and simply enjoy. You could also subscribe to magazines! Lessons can be learned from any place. 

One day, my friend was driving me home and we were talking about the world and traveling. We haven't traveled much, we hope to, but while we were talking my friend said something like, "that's why I like reading, I feel like I've been to so many places." That couldn't be truer. I feel like I've been to so many places just from what I've learnt in the books I've read! 

I know there are people who simply don't like to read - and that's okay! If you fall into this category, there's nothing wrong with the need for visuals or sounds to help as well. For the non-readers who wish to get more encouragement, these tips can help!


Tips To Embrace Reading

  1. You don't have to read bulky books. 
  2. You could pick books that have catchy titles
  3. Ask for recommendations from someone who loves reading.
  4. Read books that appeal to who you are they can be serious, yet infused with some humor 
  5. You don't always have to read books! There are so many blogs you can follow, so many articles on the internet!

One way you can help yourself read books more is to set a limit, rather, give yourself a goal. Do you want to read a book per week? Heck yeah!  Do it.  Two books in a month? What's stopping you?!  A book in a month? Feel free my dear!  While setting these goals, I believe you should be realistic. Don't try to read twenty books in a month just because your friend can!  Go at your own pace. 

Don't Know Where To Start?

Here are some of my favorite books that can help you get started in the world of reading:

For those of us on-the-go, these blogs and websites can be much more convenient:


I hope you do have fun being lost in another world, I hope you have fun learning, I hope you have fun visiting places in your mind, finally, I hope you have fun achieving your reading goals this year.

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