Meet The Clever Girls Know TEAM

Bola Onada Sokunbi

Bola Onada Sokunbi - FOUNDER

Bola Onada Sokunbi is the founder of  Clever Girl FinanceClever Girls Know who loves all things fashion, beauty and living a full live!
What she's most passionate about: Empowering women to ditch debt, save money, build real wealth and live fabulous lives.
Her Clever Girl Super Power: Putting her money to work for her. Her (self proclaimed) master chef abilities.

Kerianne Vianden

Kerianne Vianden - Content & social media Manager

Kerianne is a full-time journalism student and part-time social media buff who can always be found with a camera in her hand taking pictures of her travels. 
What she's most passionate about: Meeting and connecting with new people and giving them the opportunity  to voice their opinion or share their story with the world.
Her Clever Girl Super Power: Affording the makeup and wardrobe she desires a college student on a budget.
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Olivia Paez.jpg

Olivia Paez - Content & social media

Olivia is a journalism major and part-time blogger who reviews and recommends novels to others. When she isn’t studying or reading, she is most probably working on her latest story that she hopes to publish one day.
What she's most passionate about: Uplifting and educating others and caring for the environment.
Her Clever Girl Super Power: Finishing a book in one sitting.
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MEGHAN HOHOLICK - Content & social media

Meghan is a full-time communications student and part-time multimedia enthusiast with a love for public relations and marketing can be found online keeping up to date on latest trends
What she's passionate about: helping others find the power of expression through various media outlets
Her clever girl superpower: She can make anyone's day brighter with a flower in their latte foam while working as a coffee barista that pays for her education at Montclair State
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